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The Bully

Every mean bully has

A scared child inside

Can I help one bully

Learn not to hide?


Sometimes a mean bully

Lives inside of me

When I listen and protect

I set my own bully free.


I am not afraid of

the bully inside of  you

When I see what you feel

You cannot hurt me, it’s true.


The bully down the street

Hurts children every day

But now we all can learn

What to do, what to say.


The bully at my job

Yells and curses day and night.

My co-workers and I

Speak up for our rights.


The bully in my family

Hurts our hearts and minds

With patient and firm words

We show how to become kind


A mean bully can win

A bully will finish alone

Be  stronger than the bully

With respect your heart-mind grows.

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